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Right now I’m:

  • Living in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Climbing lots of walls (indoor bouldering).
  • Improving my Spanish.
  • Completing a Master of Learning and Teaching (Primary) degree.
  • Helping people learn things (mostly related to linguistics) at various places including universities and schools.
  • Also working as a creator/proofreader/editor of various types of documents (for more about my services, contact me below).

Some other things that might have brought you here:

  • I trained as a speech pathologist, with particular interests in voice and sociophonetic speech variation.
  • I’ve researched vocal fry / creaky voice in varieties of spoken English, and have written a blog post and some research papers about it.

If you’d like to get in touch, please do!

You can fill in the form below or find me on Twitter.