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  • Docherty, G. & Dallaston, K. (2018, September). Putting the accent on belonging: unpacking the social-indexical dimensions of speech. Paper to be presented at Language, Culture and BELONGING Symposium (LCBS2018), Brisbane, Australia.
  • Dallaston, K. (2018, July). The variable prevalence of creaky voice in spoken English: A quantitative systematic review of the literature. Paper presented at the Second Workshop on Sociophonetic Variability in the English Varieties of Australia (SocioPhonAus), Brisbane, Australia.
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  • Dallaston, K., & Rumbach, A. F. (2016). Vocal performance of group fitness instructors before and after instruction: Changes in acoustic measures and self-ratings. Journal of Voice, 30(1), 127.e1-127.e8

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MacReaper bundles the open-source pitch tracker Reaper in a Mac app (using Platypus) to provide a drag and drop interface.